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The ITOTA is an International Law Enforcement Organisation based in the United States of America , designed to offer high quality professional training and information sharing. The ITOTA recognises the need to expand and share tactical knowledge by focusing on the wealth of experience that exists in the GLOBAL Tactical Community.

The ITOTA can provide all manner of tactical training programs using only the most experienced cadre of tactical instructors with international experience.

The ITOTA has 4 goals
•  To create an information clearinghouse for all Tactical Operators
•  To establish a platform for dynamic conversation between Tactical Operators World-Wide
•  To expand the ITOTA to all Tactical Operators
•  To provide the highest quality training available to its membership


Who we are...
The individuals at SWATdigest are seasoned professionals, from multiple disciplines, working to provide an interesting and entertaining platform that meshes the tactical skills, training, and knowledge of both law enforcement and military special operations.

What we do...
We are committed to providing our readers with the most up-to-date, and innovative information available. Through education and research, we maintain tactics and strategies that are beyond those who wish to harm innocent people and their protectors. We enlist help from experts to address topics that are needed, instructive, informative, reliable, and effective. The issues covered on SWATdigest are cutting edge, and available to any individual dedicated to increasing their knowledge, and honing their skills.

Why we exist...
SWATdigest was founded in an effort to combat the reality Law Enforcement Officers world-wide face today. We have the responsibility for being informed and prepared. Therefore, SWATdigest has committed to becoming a resource, the leading resource of tactical information and training…made available to the brothers and sisters that protect us.

Our Mission is simple, " We are a group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal: to provide the most reliable and effective information and training tactics available. Our mission is to preserve life, freedom, and democracy".

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