JKG Global Group
Semper Paratus

Our Mission

JKG Global Group is an independent Australian based company dedicated to developing partnerships with our clients globally. The next threat your business might undertake is an act of terrorism. Our highly skilled team have one mission: To support our clients in managing their business risks. By providing tailored, innovative high quality, holistic, professional and value-added solutions to complex security challenges. We help clients to enhance their overall resilience, exploit opportunities whilst managing strategic and operational risks.

Our Vision

We aspire to continue to provide exceptional security and counter-terrorism consultancy which are independent. We also want to continue to be a company of choice for forward thinking, knowledgeable and quality focused organisations.

Our Motto

Semper Paratus. It means Always Prepared in Latin. JKG specializes in preparing and creating resilience for businesses and organisation. We partner with clients to enhance their ability to adapt to disruptions whilst maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity. We see it as an adaptive capacity and key enabler – the capability to operate and achieve results under difficult conditions caused by complexity, unrelenting change and uncertainty.
We utilise our life experiences from the military and law enforcement and transfer these attributes and skills to the business and corporate world.

The pace of demands

How JKG Global Group is Empowering Organisations Worldwide

About the Founder

Jeff Walker established JKG after a long distinguished career in the Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police. He served as a gunnery rating, as well as a Navy Ships Diver and was also was trained in demolitions. His 13.5 year service include serving in Destroyer Escorts, Guided Missile Frigates, Patrol Boats and also included stints at the Gunnery School as a Gunnery Instructor and West Head Gunnery Range. Being a NCO/Field Training Wing Instructor in The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) was also included in his time spent in the ACT.

He joined the Federal Attorney Generals Australian Protective Service and served at Sydney Airport as a Counter-Terrorism First Response Officer. He then qualified as a Bomb Appraisal Officer . Other protective responsibilities included the Prime Minister and Governor Generals Residence and the Diplomatic Protection Unit. After being amalgamated into the Australian Federal Police, he trained and performed his duties as an Air Security Officer (Air Marshal), protecting Australian aircraft from being hijacked by terrorists.

Jeff has operated in Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Middle East; including the UAE and Israel.

  • Other highlights and skills include:

  • Designing a University Specific Active Shooter training package and delivering it ( in Australia)
    Security Risk Management (ISO 31000 and HB176)
    Counter-Terrorism Threat Assessments
    Training and Development (TAE)
    Counter-Terrorism Management & Operations
    Counter-Terrorism Intelligence and Analysis
    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
    Security Management
    Security Design (Electronic and Physical Security)
    Emergency Management (AS3457 – 2010)
    Bomb and IED management
    Active Armed Offender / Active Shooter Response Training