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JKG Global Group provides superior Risk Management Consultancy services, specialising in the field of Security Risk Management. We have the structure and capability to determine the origins of the threats, identify the vulnerabilities, analyse potential consequences and develop strategic solutions to manage and counter these activities. Our high standard of specialised consulting services is consistent, anywhere in the world.

We have consulted and provided training in the Middle East, South East Asia and in the South Pacific. Every situation is unique and requires a different strategic solution to manage it. Every major contributing factor needs to be analysed and assessed. We provide a quality service, designed to equip any company, organisation or individual with the situational analysis, protection methods and types of response needed as and when a situation arises. In today's world, companies and government organisations are increasingly operating in uncertain environments and third world locations. Local knowledge is essential to be able to apply an objective and strategic approach to the potential risks, and deal with them in a planned response.

Our reputation is built in providing quality and professional services globally.


Jeffrey Walker
Jeffrey Walker founded JKG Global Group in 2006, shortly after leaving The Australian Federal Police (Protection). He was part of the Federal Attorney Generals Department (Protective Service) based at Sydney Airport during the Sydney 2000 Olympics, serving as a Counter-Terrorist First Response Officer and as a Bomb Appraisal Officer with the Bomb Response Team.

With the Australian Federal Police (Protection) he served in the capacity of Specialised Protective Security and Aviation Counter-Terrorism. Jeffrey provided Counter-Terrorist First Response and Bomb Appraisal coverage to the Prime Minister and the Governor General's residences. He was also assigned to the Diplomatic Protection Unit temporarily.

Prior to joining The Australian Federal Police, Jeffrey spent over 14 years in The Royal Australian Navy. During this time he was seconded at the Australian Defence Force Academy. His instruction duties also included the Navy Gunnery School and the NAval Gunnery Range. He is qualified as a Ships Diver as well as Demolitions and was the recipient of the Sheean award in 1987 for excellence in Gunnery Training.

Having obtained qualifications in Security Risk Management he is also a member of:
•  International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI)
•  International Association for Counter-Terrorism and Security Professionals (IACSP)
• International Tactical Officers Training Association (ITOTA)

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